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Create your own GPT powered APIs and AI assistants in just a few minutes.

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Define your own GPT-powered APIs
Create a prompt template containing placeholders for parameters, which can then be used in the same way as any web API.
Design AI assistants to help with everyday tasks
These assistants are designed to be programmable, reusable, and shareable, making them an invaluable resource for your team.
Work with your own data
Having all the capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT platform, our solution also works with your own data under your own security & privacy control.
Design GPT-powered chatbots
Create chatbots that are as powerful as OpenAI's with knowledge from not only GPT4’s Large Language Model (LLM) but also your own data sources.
Orchestrate GPT into business workflows
Inspired by AutoGPT, our solution allows you to solve more complex problems by utilizing intention engines, prompt chains, web plugins and workflows.
Advanced features for team and enterprise
Team management, roles, custom domain, use your own OpenAI & cloud services ...
AI-powered content management features
Help you create, organize, summarize, tag and publish content by using handy AI assistants.
Start with 100+ predefined templates
Construct prompt templates and APIs in a timely manner by utilizing and refining over 100 pre-made, pre-tested templates.